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Aleena Mackar for #BoldBeautifulAndFlawless by IndiNook

Aleena Mackar for #BoldBeautifulAndFlawless by IndiNook

My personal style over the years has become more practical, comfortable and functional. Also with the changing seasons it’s apt to be dressed accordingly. Usually dressier sarees tend to seem a bit heavy for the summers and the summer cool fabrics tend to look a little plain for an occasion. Here is where I absolutely loved that I found this organza saree that felt so light and comfortable even though I was wearing it outside in 39 degree’s heat yet looked pretty rich and classy, the mix of Colours brought so much life to my look.
Here’s to seeing more ladies in sarees in the summers too😍😍😍

I am not a perfectionist when it comes to draping a saree but I manage and for me what matters is to be able to wear a saree with grace and most importantly be comfortable in it. I also love experimenting with drapes for a unique and stylish touch to my saree looks.

As a woman I am all about the freedom of expression. Whether it’s about your opinion, your likes & dislikes, your struggles, your challenges & the freedom to wear what you like. I have always felt like we women are suppressed in so many ways & judged all the time. I’ve seen it myself and I’ve seen it all around me. We women who are strong and bold seem to be problematic for the men. We are judged on the basis of every single thing. Why can’t we just live carefree!? Why when all the burden is on us we aren’t looked upto either and yet only treated like the weaker sex.

I am an out of the box woman. I wear my bikinis whereas I even love my sarees (going all out with bindis and bangles too). I am kind hearted but also practical and a tough task master. I am 32 & unmarried. I am a hard worker but I make time for the people I love and I expect the same. I am just human, a unique individual god made and sometimes I wish I was just seen like that.

My one wish is that I wish people would see all that I have achieved and not crush it all by judging me on my unmarried status at 32. And this isn’t for me, this is so that people understand that life is not all about winning a single race. There is a lot lot lot more to life. Life is YOU❤️

Aleena Mackar- HMU & Creative Director Sherie’s Salon. Content creator @The Style Chair

My inspiration for the campaign I AM #BoldBeautifulAndFlawless for @indinook_ethnicwear has been the ever evolving aspects of fashion & style.
Saree by @indinook_ethnicwear

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