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Disha Khanse for #BoldBeautifulAndFlawless by IndiNook

Disha Khanse for #BoldBeautifulAndFlawless by IndiNook


Loving yourself through every season of life, is something that every woman must triumph. Personally speaking, I am at an extreme transformative phase of my life. The last four years of my life were very challenging, and honestly, not very easy. I completely understand what mental and emotional breakdowns are; the impact that these constant and prolonged stresses have on you and affect your well-being - I've been through it all & I eventually learnt how to tackle the factor(s) causing such situations. It was a long struggle though! But now, I am very happy with the way I have blossomed; Truly, I am very proud of myself.

Ofcourse, it was not easy to deal with dear life's hardships. There were days where I did not want to wake up, I did not want to get out of bed, I felt like I had lost all control over my life and happiness. But, remember you, it's just a matter of time. Keep reminding yourself that - It shall pass! I do not care about any "labels" anymore. This attitude comes only with 100% love for yourself and 100% acceptance of the situation. Divorces are hard, but not so if happened for the reasons not in your control. Battle the situation with your very best and you shall be content.

So, here I am now, standing tall, much more confident, stronger, happier, and immensely motivated and driven to conquer my dreams.

If I can do it, so can you! We all go through difficulties in life, all of us experience failures and breakdowns at some point of our lives. The secret is to surviving it is to hang in there, with faith in your heart that someday you will see the light at the end of the tunnel! Better days will come, I assure you! 🧡

This was a little inspiration from my side for all you beautiful souls. Keep shining always! Cheers to womanhood! 🤗

Saree from @indinook_ethnicwear 💛 I love myself a little extra when I drape a saree. It makes me feel sexy and self-assured; and how I just appreciate the way a saree brings out all the grace and elegance in you!

Disha Khanse
Founder at www.indinook.com | YouTube Channel Manager for www.TheWindowsClub.com

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