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Meenu Goel for #BoldBeautifulAndFlawless by IndiNook

Meenu Goel for #BoldBeautifulAndFlawless by IndiNook


Dedicating this post to fashion and the joy it adds to my life. Having always been plus-size, over the years I’ve had several people tell me they are surprised to see the way I dress. I will not go into the details of why this particular sentiment is just uncalled for…But, in fact, reiterate my long-standing belief - The beauty of fashion lies in its ability to let each individual incorporate it as they please! 🌸

From shopping for clothes and getting them designed a certain way to planning multiple looks featuring the same piece and dressing up for the love of it, these things make me happy! ❤️

But, life is a roller-coaster and I do have my fair share of good & bad days and of course, insecurities. Oh that anxious feeling & negative thoughts before meeting the spouse’s extended family as a plus-size woman…And then you go ahead and drape a saree. A special saree you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Although the negative thoughts don’t just vanish instantly, you can’t help but smile at your reflection in the mirror. I can do this… 🙃

People will stare, make it worth their while! 💋

Saree: @indinook_ethnicwear

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